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Battlestar Galactica, Wonderfalls, Doctor Who, Farscape, Firefly

These were hiding on my computer.


Alice in Fragments
by jennyo
My father the weaknesses in my brain because my human physiology was not meant to deal with constant temporal was always so proud of me; he wanted me to be better than a teacher.

Laura Roslin -- madness, religion, or science. In any of these three fragments.

by jennyo
The priestess says she is dead, that everyone is dead, dead, dead and we are super-extra-lucky to be trapped on a stupid ship with convicts and dwindling supplies.

Unconnect people, yet there are small, delicate strings tying them if one looks hard enough, some perhaps unintentional.

Ignore it
by Kathe
Everyone else has long since stopped caring whether Lee and Kara an item.

Um, yes. Short but interesting.

in the months after his death
by Sannga
In the months after his brother's death, Kara disintegrates.

Brilliant, spot-on characterization.

Doctor Who
Jackie Tyler in the Fourth Dimension
by cryptile
Jackie Tyler hates time travel.

Dark. Gorgeous. Needs to be reread at least once to fully understand it. Breaks my heart in so many ways.


A Whiter Shade
by fourteenlines
You wake the third morning, and you're no longer dreaming of Aeryn, or of love, or of wormholes. These things have been taken from you too often.

You're dreaming of genocide.

Written backwards. Difficult.

The Money-Changer's Tale
by cofax
And the woman was looking for something -- no one comes to DrumBae without a reason.

Not happy but beautiful.

by fourteenlines
It was nearly time for the tannot harvest, and in the meantime, they broke ground on this new field. Their tannot crops were finally producing enough that an indulgence wouldn't threaten their margin. This field would not yield tannot root. They would grow prowsa fruit, and D'Argo would make his wine. Their wishes had all been broken, and rearranged into a sort of piecemeal dream.

D'argo and Aeryn and John and their child.


by Fox 1013
"If I had a dick? I would be inviting fate to suck it right about now."

Spot-on Jaye in a delicious Christmas fic.


charmed life
by anenko
The woman in the foyer had golden skin and delicate kohl-lined eyes.

'inara has a story'

Of History
by anenko
Winter on Tango and nearly as many people dying from the cold as from the war itself.

Zoe, of course. And how I love Zoe-fic that goes back to the war and Serenity Valley. There's something fascinating in her contrasting personality, its love always in conflict with its anger.

Flesh and Blood
by Pearl-o
Blood is a good sign. It has meaning behind it.

River. Mal, sorta. But River-of-Mal mainly. Until it isn't.
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