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Single-fandom fics here.


Redeem the Blood by Alara (alara_r)
Scorpius, a baby, and the darker parts of the series. A look at a possibility.

Sweet by Northlight (anenko)
"Odd, the things that she had missed." A Katralla fic.

Katralla, the mother of the child John will never see. Beautiful insight, and one of the only stories in the fandom dealing with the character of Katralla (as opposed to a two-line comment about a daughter).

Theory by sunshiner
So an alien walks into a bar and talks death.

Voodoo by Tahlia (daygloparker)
What you get when you mix one-part Aeryn Sun with one-part John Crichton and try to reassemble the puzzles that are their lives. Also known as a post-series fic, it's marvelously executed and is perhaps best summarized by the author: "She is he and he is she, and when he feels joy, so does she." (post-Bad Timing)

A Meeting of Minds by AstroGirl (astrogirl2)
For once, Stark is talking to a voice in someone else's head.

Crazy Stark kicks butt. Even more crazy Stark kicks even more butt.

Ancient Light by cofax
A Moya-fic that speaks of her love for the stars and for *being.*

...And a Star to Steer Her By by Flora
It's Pilot in the memories of his boyhood, and it's one of the clearest, strongest piece on Pilot and Moya's bond.

Bad Reputation by huzzlewhat
Quick, funny dialogue and a hilarious situation. One of the wittiest pieces out there. Just dark enough in moments.

My World by Thea (thassalia)
Aeryn on a ship in another time. Unrealized reality (the fandom's answer to AU), first season. Great voice.
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