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So I have recs for you! Imagine the possibilities! Watch out for a karmacon del.icio.us headed your way within the next couple of weeks, folks.

by Vanessa Nicols
"Tell me about Taipei."


So I sat down to write this rec, and my mind wandered back to an amazing fic where Vaughn is crazy in love with Sydney in an almost literal sense. And then I paused and went back to the fic and began reading ('cause the title is sorta not one to trigger my memory). And Vaughn is crazy in love with Sydney in this.

Dream It Down
by cgb
It's not her, he tells himself. She was never like this.

She's not like this now.

But she's beautiful. Oh yes. She was then, she is now and this woman, too, is beautiful, but it's not her.

Jack. Irina. Laura. Barnett.

The New Joey and Chandler
by Twinkledru J.
"Well, you know, I -- uh...if Chandler's marrying my little sister, it, it might put a damper on our whole 'freezing Chandler out' scheme."

Harry Potter
all my lovers
by LindaMarie
Short, immaculate, hot, and disturbing. And maybe a little depressing even. The premise of the story overwhelms the actual text once you're finished (a good thing).

The Old Man who Lived in a Shoe
by zahra
John went from having no children to having at least five, possibly ten or fifteen. He's hasn't completely decided which ones he's definitely keeping and which ones he's going to let nature have her way with just yet; but he's not interested in being the father of forty-five children.

The sort of fic in this fandom that makes me die a little bit inside; it's the twisted path that the island has created in the mind of John Locke. Gorgeous.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Birthday Girl
by Hecate
Dawn has no birthday.

A party of sorts. Or maybe out of sorts.

Assistant Librarian
by Twinkledru J.
She wore it with the pants her first day, under a white blouse, and it felt like being home.

I didn't ever think I'd like a Buffy/Giles fic. I was wrong. 'Cause it's not so much B/G as Buffy is a young woman, and Giles has watched her become that. That still makes the whole pairing sound creepy, doesn't it?

Years Later
by Hecate
Years later and Andrew still finds her blood on the floor. Dark red or a dirty brown, dried up. He thinks it has eaten its way into the floor, into the wood and will never be gone.

Everybody goes crazy at some point.

Some Dawns Wait
by Hecate
She grew up, and she walked out on the world, hungry to discover for what she had fought.

At the end of Dawn.

Mechanics of Death
by itsacraze
Fred can see her companion behind her lack of reflection and she absently licks a smudge of blood from the corner of her mouth.

Gilmore Girls
She Always Takes Me Back
by RiverRun
author's summary What if Christopher had tried to win Lorelai back after Emily and Richard's vow renewal? What if it all went terribly wrong for him?

“But it wasn’t my home. Taylor will find a way to send me up the river. This is his big chance. We have to hide the body.”

“Oh, no way. I’m not doing that again,” he said as he started to walk back home. “I’m calling 911.”

Seriously give this fic some time. It's hard to forget DEVIL!Gigi, bemused Christopher (trying valiantly and with the gentle nudging backhanding of Gigi to help him), the awesome CSI skills of Babette. And Lorelai being Lorelai-y, and Rory and Luke and naked!Kirk and SO many other things.
More recs. I eat your brains.

Battlestar Galactica
Actaeon Hounded
by voleuse
Now go and tell, if you can, that you have seen Diana unapparelled.

Gaius Baltar and the gods, breathing and immortal, broken and immaculate.

Five Deaths (Laura Roslin)
by Rheanna
Laura Roslin: five ways of living, five ways of dying.

Haunting scenes from a select group of possibilities. Amazing way with words and simply *sad* in some parts. Brilliant procession of though in each snippet.


Memento Mori
by Jayne Leitch
When Lana was six years old, she found Edward Gorey's The Gashleycrumb Tinies in a box of her father's things under the stairs in the basement. She read it immediately.

The only Lana I'll ever love. I've seen this recced in other places -- and with good reason. Lana and her parents, and she isn't a fairy princess.


In which a New Child Comes to the Forest
by Loligo
"If you don't want to hear a Piglet story right now, perhaps we should get on to Pooh's house and the Six Pine Trees. We won't have time to see everything today, but that's all right. Now that we live nearby, you can come to Grandmother's house any weekend and play out here all you like. You can still see Eeyore's gloomy place and the Hundred-Acre Wood. My house is gone, though. It was the very best tree in the whole forest.... But that end is all housing estates, now."

Christopher Robin returns. Touching in many different ways, the first being on sharing a dream with your child.

Doctor Who

Planned Obsolescence
by miggy
"You saved us, didn't you?" asked Lynda-with-a-Y as they pattered down the hall. "Those other two, they left us, but you saved us from those things."

Jack as a TV star. He needs to write a big "SOS" in rocks on the beach, ys. A lot darker and more contemplative than I'm making it sound.

Doctor Who Meets Barney
by David Zientara
In their room, the Doctor and Adric discussed the current situation. "I don't trust Barney," reflected the Doctor. "All this talk of universal love...it's got to be some kind of cover-up for something."

"Doctor, I think you're totally off base this time. Are you suggesting that nobody can sincerely hold the views that Barney apparently holds?" Adric asked.

"There's something about Barney that's rotten. I can't quite put my finger on it...back on Earth, in the late twentieth century, Barney was featured prominently on American television. He attained quite a following amongst young children."


Any Port in Storm
by Myownspecialself
"No. . . bar hostesses?" Jayne felt disappointment well up. "No hookers?"

Pre-series!Jayne. Yay!

by Kueble
Mal probably should have just left them alone, but a fellow tends to get ornery out in the black, especially when his hired gun spends most of his time playing gorram baby games with his...whatever the hell River was.

Post-Serenity, for y'all. Fun, almost Buffy-ish humor -- which is precisely what someone writing Jossverse would want. And, yes, ich liebe Jayne.

Harry Potter

Lost in Transfiguration
by there goes my gun
In the darkest, smelliest bedroom in the darkest, smelliest flat on the second floor of 3/72 Whitecastle Street, London, a young man with floppy black hair and a great ruddy scar on his forehead woke up on top of a pile of crap on his bed.

READ THIS. If you read nothing else in the Harry Potter fandom, READ THIS. It's one part Hitchhiker's, one part Big Brother, and, of course, one part Potter. Fantastic characterizations. Awe-inspiring dry humor. And, um, bums and drunks.

Red Herring
by Laura Smith (romanticalgirl)
Your standard Ron-loves-Hermione-but-is-a-git fic. And then turns it on its head as Fred decides to go on a date with Hermione to make Ron jealous. Sounds ridiculous and teeny and horrible, right? It isn't. An epic that just destroys any preconceived notion you ever had about 'love,' the only thing that I did not like about this was the ending (I didn't think certain characters had grown enough as a person to warrant their ending), but even that is something I can live with, because it's part of the fic.

Mother's Blood
by stellamaru
Lily and Petunia Evans play Narnia, but only one can return after maturity. Petunia!fic with utter class.

Just Like My Daddy
by lizbee
James Potter moonlighting as a Logan-Huntzberger-Echolls.

Harry Potter and the Great Snake Emporium
by LindaMarie
Harry Potter's House of Serpents was located three doors down from what was once Weasley's Wheezes. At first he didn't use his name in the title--back in those days, it was called The Snake Symposium--but he'd found it helped business. A lot.

Kinda dark where you wouldn't expect it.


Winds of Change
by _nimh
Where are they now? Five futures and one dead end.

Interesting take on the island. My favorite Lost fics are where the supernatural plays heavily, especially when it's a feature of the island itself.
These were hiding on my computer.


Alice in Fragments
by jennyo
My father the weaknesses in my brain because my human physiology was not meant to deal with constant temporal was always so proud of me; he wanted me to be better than a teacher.

Laura Roslin -- madness, religion, or science. In any of these three fragments.

by jennyo
The priestess says she is dead, that everyone is dead, dead, dead and we are super-extra-lucky to be trapped on a stupid ship with convicts and dwindling supplies.

Unconnect people, yet there are small, delicate strings tying them if one looks hard enough, some perhaps unintentional.

Ignore it
by Kathe
Everyone else has long since stopped caring whether Lee and Kara an item.

Um, yes. Short but interesting.

in the months after his death
by Sannga
In the months after his brother's death, Kara disintegrates.

Brilliant, spot-on characterization.

Doctor Who
Jackie Tyler in the Fourth Dimension
by cryptile
Jackie Tyler hates time travel.

Dark. Gorgeous. Needs to be reread at least once to fully understand it. Breaks my heart in so many ways.


A Whiter Shade
by fourteenlines
You wake the third morning, and you're no longer dreaming of Aeryn, or of love, or of wormholes. These things have been taken from you too often.

You're dreaming of genocide.

Written backwards. Difficult.

The Money-Changer's Tale
by cofax
And the woman was looking for something -- no one comes to DrumBae without a reason.

Not happy but beautiful.

by fourteenlines
It was nearly time for the tannot harvest, and in the meantime, they broke ground on this new field. Their tannot crops were finally producing enough that an indulgence wouldn't threaten their margin. This field would not yield tannot root. They would grow prowsa fruit, and D'Argo would make his wine. Their wishes had all been broken, and rearranged into a sort of piecemeal dream.

D'argo and Aeryn and John and their child.


by Fox 1013
"If I had a dick? I would be inviting fate to suck it right about now."

Spot-on Jaye in a delicious Christmas fic.


charmed life
by anenko
The woman in the foyer had golden skin and delicate kohl-lined eyes.

'inara has a story'

Of History
by anenko
Winter on Tango and nearly as many people dying from the cold as from the war itself.

Zoe, of course. And how I love Zoe-fic that goes back to the war and Serenity Valley. There's something fascinating in her contrasting personality, its love always in conflict with its anger.

Flesh and Blood
by Pearl-o
Blood is a good sign. It has meaning behind it.

River. Mal, sorta. But River-of-Mal mainly. Until it isn't.
21 June 2005 @ 09:22 am
Well, looks like someone raided sjficathon.

5 SG-1 RECSCollapse )
15 June 2005 @ 11:01 pm
karmacon is upgrading to tags! This post will serve as our archive from now on.

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11 June 2005 @ 11:40 am
Single-fandom fics here.


Redeem the Blood by Alara (alara_r)
Scorpius, a baby, and the darker parts of the series. A look at a possibility.

Sweet by Northlight (anenko)
"Odd, the things that she had missed." A Katralla fic.

Katralla, the mother of the child John will never see. Beautiful insight, and one of the only stories in the fandom dealing with the character of Katralla (as opposed to a two-line comment about a daughter).

Theory by sunshiner
So an alien walks into a bar and talks death.

Voodoo by Tahlia (daygloparker)
What you get when you mix one-part Aeryn Sun with one-part John Crichton and try to reassemble the puzzles that are their lives. Also known as a post-series fic, it's marvelously executed and is perhaps best summarized by the author: "She is he and he is she, and when he feels joy, so does she." (post-Bad Timing)

A Meeting of Minds by AstroGirl (astrogirl2)
For once, Stark is talking to a voice in someone else's head.

Crazy Stark kicks butt. Even more crazy Stark kicks even more butt.

Ancient Light by cofax
A Moya-fic that speaks of her love for the stars and for *being.*

...And a Star to Steer Her By by Flora
It's Pilot in the memories of his boyhood, and it's one of the clearest, strongest piece on Pilot and Moya's bond.

Bad Reputation by huzzlewhat
Quick, funny dialogue and a hilarious situation. One of the wittiest pieces out there. Just dark enough in moments.

My World by Thea (thassalia)
Aeryn on a ship in another time. Unrealized reality (the fandom's answer to AU), first season. Great voice.
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10 June 2005 @ 07:36 pm
Recs by Keren

Peter Pan

A Hundred Years Ago by trifles
The first memory she pulled out and shook was all creases -- it looked very old indeed, and had Wendy known what you and I know, she might wonder just how many years Peter had been teaching little boys to fly. But she said, "Ah! I suppose you must be the first dream.

Hook or Me by unovis
They christened his X with grog and called him Grimmer, in hopes of great black deeds.

A decidedly beautiful piece on Mr. Darling, the story leaves a dark, delicious taste in one's mouth. Gorgeous.

Happily Ever After by Syn
"Not real?" His breath is sweet and warm against her skin as he looks imploringly down at her. Wendy smiles sadly.

"Pretend, Peter," she says, knowing he won't understand. His whole life is one glorious pretend, a glittering map of fantasies and falsehoods that are as real to him as the setting of the sun and the bite of cold steel. "They're just stories. They always end, but you may revisit them whenever you choose. Like memories..."

Alice in Wonderland

Stories wherin Alice is not the main character.

Beyond the Looking Glass and What the Red King Found There by Blinky the Tree Frog
The old woman smiled. "Indeed, we didn't meet formally. You were fast asleep, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee cautioned me against waking you." The old lady shuffled forward and made an awkward curtsy. "I am Alice, your majesty."

Beyond the looking glass.

Extract From the Carrollian Catalog of J. Phildrop by Ellen Fremedon.
"And in any case, it's September in the woods."

"Why, that can't be," said Ina. "It's the fourth of May."

"It's the fourth of May on the seashore," said the Gryphon. "Up in the woods, it's already the twentieth of September."
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More fic recs for y'all.


Penitence by sweetsouthernbell
You always tried to be a good father to her.

Sydney. Jack. Irina.

Paranoia and Potentially Fatal Agony by She's a Star (_shesastar)
The Trials and Tribulations of Falling for the Daughter of a Diabolical Genius.

Weiss/Nadia/hilarity. Of course.

Joan of Arcadia

Goodnight, Moon by Yahtzee
"Tell me about your dreams, Joan."

Written for the end of the world challenge -- stark and beautiful.

Penny Catechism by Abbey (aabbey)
Now, because God visits less frequently, Joan turns to a workbook she picked up at the bookshop.

Pilgrim Soul (extended unrequited remix) by lynnmonster
"You can't just abandon the people you love." Then, remembering the time he'd turned silent when she was in crazy camp, she amended sourly, "Or I guess maybe you can."

Joan travels.

The West Wing

Best Served Cold by Pixelvixen
If plants are phototropic, forever reaching for the light, Donna is losertropic

Old School Fic! From the era when Donna went out with gomers, and Josh would stop her. Featuring Dr. Freeride and a gold medal dress.

Burning Bridges, Burning Buildings by CazQ
"You know I would never hire another assistant on the side. You'd notice as soon as she interfered with your filing system."

Josh. Donna. What would you save from a burning building?

What One Hundred People, Real And Fake, Think About Josiah Bartlet by Violet
Anne Bartlet, his mother: That he was always something special.

Absolutely Beautiful by Peppermint
Outside the air was grey, and just beginning to smell like Christmas. The stars that were up there were invisible in the daytime sky, but she could imagine them, and among them strugged Galileo V.



Talk about the Weather by Viridian5
"You can smell rain and greenery in the air. It’s definitely gonna rain sometime soon."

"Smells like condensation and mold in the ventilation system, more bad signs."

Beka and Harper aren’t coming from the same place. Genish/friendship. Pre-Andromeda.

Not the Same by Jane St Clair

In it, Harper clearly sees every sock he's ever lost. And his favourite jacket, the one Beka said she burned.

5 things fic. Humor/Dark.
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I am not an absentee landlord! Besides, one needs something to do while waiting for the newest White Stripes album to download from iTunes, so I figured I would not neglect my own recs community any longer.

Behind the cut: Alias, Battlestar Galactica, Gateverse, and Without a Trace. 6 RECSCollapse )
04 June 2005 @ 06:36 pm
New recs. Sorry this is late in the evening!

Veronica Mars

Veronica, This Haircut Is So You by Spunky Panda
Who was this girl, with fawning doe eyes and a thin wallet?

Series, no definite spoilers.

"The Comeback: the Vanity Fair Profile" by yahtzee (yahtzee63)
But no matter how unstable his accuser may have been, Aaron couldn't get away from the videotapes.

Future. Spec. Spoilers thru s1.

Margaret, Mary-Kate, Test Subject, Cousin by roisinmachine
There’s a cop sitting in a chair in the corner, manning the caller ID.

Logan does some suppressing. Post "Leave it to Beaver."

Making Friends by apocalypsos
On the fifth day of kindergarten, Logan poured paint on Duncan’s sneakers.

Logan and Duncan meet in kindergarten. Spoilers thru finale. Cute as all hell.


Disguised As Clark Kent by becs1 (becs1024)
Clark Kent was not, by nature, a confrontational guy.

There is such a lack of good Lois/Clark fic that this gets a nod up for not only good plot but good narrative (can be a huge difference in those, yikes!). Futurefic, so we don't actually have to DEAL with Smallville.

Needle in the Hay by Marcy (vision_girl_)
"Nineteen is far too young for my first psychotic episode."

Lois visits Clark in the barn as he's cleaning up post "Spell." Roar.

When Worlds Collide by SunRei
"Wrestling, huh?" Lois asked, doing a sweep of Clark from head to foot with her eyes. "I bet I could show you a few moves."

An AU that closely followed the events of Smallville and put a little spin on them. It has a sequel already, and the sequel is completely AU and brilliant. Lois and Clark with charitable charicturizations of the rest of the gang.
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More recs.

7th Heaven

deus ex machina by Ishafel
the first day of divinity school they told lucy camden god has all the answers.

Probably an exercise in style for the author (well done!), the story holds a poignant note long after one finishes reading it.

Peanut butter and jelly by Mary Borsellino
"My sister Lucy says that boys are nice for kissing, though."

Ruthie. Yasmine.

Harry Potter

Tower of Air by ClueGirl (cluegirl)
"Someone must keep in mind that some victories come with too high a price. And that some losses can never, ever be recovered."

Post Book V, this deals with the aftermath of the battle in a heartbreaking way. Albus carries the losses alone.

Scrabble by MartianHousecat.
Having lost their primary sources of pride - dueling, the Dark Arts, competitive poetry readings, and Quidditch, ever since the rules had been tightened - the Snake House had to have something, by which to define standards.

Slytherins Draco Pansy Blaise Millicent.

Knowing is Half the Batter by romanticalgirl
The problem is, of course, that he’s thinking about Hermione and he’s thinking in very precise capital letters.

And we get a Ron that I see Rupert Grint taking over and making his own -- yum. Concise.

Lord of the Rings

The Very Secret Diaries by Cassandra Claire (cassieclaire)
Day One:

Ringwraiths killed: 4. V. good.
Met up with Hobbits. Walked forty miles. Skinned a squirrel and ate it.
Still not King.

Throwing these out for anyone new to the fandom who hasn't seen them (who hasn't? :-D). I've never read any LoTR fic except these. Much parodied, the VSD are brilliant in execution of style. And with carrots!
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More fic -- book fic.

The Chronicles of Narnia

Growing Up by sheldrake
Susan grew up, and carries on growing: older, wiser, more tired, less sure of things. (Lucy. Susan. )

Memory of Heaven by Corbeaun
In the winter, Edmund turns his face southward, toward Archenland and beyond, away from the dangerous chill in his heart that draws him to the snow covered Wild Lands of the North.

Girls Grow Quicker than Books by Kyra Cullinan
Years later, the smell of mothballs will make her feel like crying. (Lucy)

The Queen in Exile by LindaMarie
The wardrobe in her room is not so big, not so dark and encompassing, but it will do. (Lucy)

Too Keen on Being Grown Up by Kate J.
I could feel the prickle of the short hair at the nape of his neck under my fingers, see the deep red of my varnished fingernails digging into his shoulders, see his face as he looked up at me, hear my own voice telling him, half-joking, half-commanding, to kneel. (Susan.)

The Secret Garden

Court and Spark by RhiannonRevolts
For really, Dickon had changed with the tutoring he had received (courtesy of Archibald Craven) in horticulture and geography and biology, and Mary had changed with the endless stitching and bowing that she had learned along with maths, and Colin had changed with his learning to ride and to read fine poetry.

Letters Home by penknife
He tells himself, every night at the end of tossing and turning, that they'll both come back. He'll have Mary, and Dickon will have his own girl, although that part's a little hard for him to see.

There's ambiguous sexuality and subtext here between Dickon and Colin, but truly the story deals with Mary.
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01 June 2005 @ 12:26 pm
Some more fic recs for y'all. Enjoy.


The Unmaking of Sydney Bristow by Ygrawn
She barely listened as he gave her a new name and identity, although the thought flared briefly that at least it was her father naming her for the second time.

Field Trip by Hillary
was it real? there wasn't anything to say it wasn't. And if it were real, based on her pure believing, then so be it.

Harry Potter

A Distinctly Different Manner of Finding Prince Charming by sarahtales
Minerva was a loyal friend, a basically nice person and an excellent study partner, but occasionally Vivien found her just a little alarming.

A young McGonagall love story with an unexpected pairing. Brilliant. Het. Hilarious.

Nothing But Vain Fantasy by Bec
And now, post-dream, she had a sense of the baby as a disease festering inside her body, a parasitic malignant tumor, a symbol of her lack of control and ultimate downfall.


First Signs of Magic: Hermione Granger by Icarus
Now, although the Grangers were both dentists, they were well acquainted with the medical profession and knew full well there was not usually a 'Pen Emergency Room.' Despite the fact that they did have, at the moment, a Pen Emergency.

A little campy at first glance (the title kills it a small bit) but actually quite good.


Home by Megan Reilly (eponine119)
"When can we go back to the island, Mama?"

"Yes, when?"

If you've never read any Lost fic and never plan to, this is the one exception to make. An absolutely killer look at the future with Shannon.

Shadow by Megan Reilly
He'd gotten good at forgetting she was there, ignoring that feeling of being watched.

In the same universe as Home, set before.

not to keep by Gale (iphignia939)
"It was a deserted island, Mother. We were there for three years. It’s not a terribly exciting story."

Sabrina Carlyle.

Gilmore Girls

This Old House by CIAChick (ciachick711)
Someone had apparently found out why Luke had been helping out with the house and thanks to the Stars Hollow gossip mill, it was all over town.

Charming and adult (not smutty -- mature! grown up!) story that's been jossed, sadly. This is rather the way that I wish it would have been handled.

Five Things That Never Happened to Lorelai Victoria Gilmore by Lina (fairy_tale_echo)
It’s like cramps, only cramps magnified so intensely that it feels as if Freddy Kruger were squeezing your head.
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31 May 2005 @ 03:35 pm
Hello, all. I am Keren. You may call me your rec goddess for the day. The fandom today is Farscape, and the topic is Earth and Unrealized Realities.

Twenty-four Hour Pass by Ann Harrington
Absolutely dead-on characterizations. In it, an early-series John Crichton returns to earth.

Ray of Smoke by Tassos
Set ten cycles in the future, it's another Crichton-to-Earth story. Politics and secrets are wound throughout the piece, but the emotional depth is what really gets you.

Home Is by Kernezelda (kernezelda)
He asks what wonders are out there, but doesn't listen to the answers.

John. Earth. And Aeryn's story.

You Can Never Go Back by Cathy (cathy1967)
Beautiful language. A huge, long epic AU started at the end of season three. Aeryn fans will especially enjoy this piece. At almost 91,000 words, it's WAY too long to be a character piece (and closer to two hundred pages than not), but it feels like it ought to be.

Weight of the World by Analise
On an Earth devastated and occupied by Peacekeepers, Crichton struggles to retake his world and his own sanity.
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Hey, look, you guys, remember this? Yeah.

So I was talking with thedorkygirl, and we were complaining that one of our favorite recs site doesn't seem to get updated anymore, and Keren said she had this massive list of recs that she wanted to post, and I said, "HEY! I have a recs journal that I have completely abandoned"... so, long story short, my journal is now a community. Hi.

I'm going to archiving the recs, too, because I've always wanted to be obsessive about that. At the moment, only thedorkygirl and I have posting access. If you want to join in the fun, drop me a line and we shall consult. Because, like, we're reallllllllllly picky about who we like. Right. Okay.

Behind the lj-cut are all the recs I had here previously.Collapse )