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So I have recs for you! Imagine the possibilities! Watch out for a karmacon del.icio.us headed your way within the next couple of weeks, folks.

by Vanessa Nicols
"Tell me about Taipei."


So I sat down to write this rec, and my mind wandered back to an amazing fic where Vaughn is crazy in love with Sydney in an almost literal sense. And then I paused and went back to the fic and began reading ('cause the title is sorta not one to trigger my memory). And Vaughn is crazy in love with Sydney in this.

Dream It Down
by cgb
It's not her, he tells himself. She was never like this.

She's not like this now.

But she's beautiful. Oh yes. She was then, she is now and this woman, too, is beautiful, but it's not her.

Jack. Irina. Laura. Barnett.

The New Joey and Chandler
by Twinkledru J.
"Well, you know, I -- uh...if Chandler's marrying my little sister, it, it might put a damper on our whole 'freezing Chandler out' scheme."

Harry Potter
all my lovers
by LindaMarie
Short, immaculate, hot, and disturbing. And maybe a little depressing even. The premise of the story overwhelms the actual text once you're finished (a good thing).

The Old Man who Lived in a Shoe
by zahra
John went from having no children to having at least five, possibly ten or fifteen. He's hasn't completely decided which ones he's definitely keeping and which ones he's going to let nature have her way with just yet; but he's not interested in being the father of forty-five children.

The sort of fic in this fandom that makes me die a little bit inside; it's the twisted path that the island has created in the mind of John Locke. Gorgeous.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Birthday Girl
by Hecate
Dawn has no birthday.

A party of sorts. Or maybe out of sorts.

Assistant Librarian
by Twinkledru J.
She wore it with the pants her first day, under a white blouse, and it felt like being home.

I didn't ever think I'd like a Buffy/Giles fic. I was wrong. 'Cause it's not so much B/G as Buffy is a young woman, and Giles has watched her become that. That still makes the whole pairing sound creepy, doesn't it?

Years Later
by Hecate
Years later and Andrew still finds her blood on the floor. Dark red or a dirty brown, dried up. He thinks it has eaten its way into the floor, into the wood and will never be gone.

Everybody goes crazy at some point.

Some Dawns Wait
by Hecate
She grew up, and she walked out on the world, hungry to discover for what she had fought.

At the end of Dawn.

Mechanics of Death
by itsacraze
Fred can see her companion behind her lack of reflection and she absently licks a smudge of blood from the corner of her mouth.

Gilmore Girls
She Always Takes Me Back
by RiverRun
author's summary What if Christopher had tried to win Lorelai back after Emily and Richard's vow renewal? What if it all went terribly wrong for him?

“But it wasn’t my home. Taylor will find a way to send me up the river. This is his big chance. We have to hide the body.”

“Oh, no way. I’m not doing that again,” he said as he started to walk back home. “I’m calling 911.”

Seriously give this fic some time. It's hard to forget DEVIL!Gigi, bemused Christopher (trying valiantly and with the gentle nudging backhanding of Gigi to help him), the awesome CSI skills of Babette. And Lorelai being Lorelai-y, and Rory and Luke and naked!Kirk and SO many other things.
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