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More recs. I eat your brains.

Battlestar Galactica
Actaeon Hounded
by voleuse
Now go and tell, if you can, that you have seen Diana unapparelled.

Gaius Baltar and the gods, breathing and immortal, broken and immaculate.

Five Deaths (Laura Roslin)
by Rheanna
Laura Roslin: five ways of living, five ways of dying.

Haunting scenes from a select group of possibilities. Amazing way with words and simply *sad* in some parts. Brilliant procession of though in each snippet.


Memento Mori
by Jayne Leitch
When Lana was six years old, she found Edward Gorey's The Gashleycrumb Tinies in a box of her father's things under the stairs in the basement. She read it immediately.

The only Lana I'll ever love. I've seen this recced in other places -- and with good reason. Lana and her parents, and she isn't a fairy princess.


In which a New Child Comes to the Forest
by Loligo
"If you don't want to hear a Piglet story right now, perhaps we should get on to Pooh's house and the Six Pine Trees. We won't have time to see everything today, but that's all right. Now that we live nearby, you can come to Grandmother's house any weekend and play out here all you like. You can still see Eeyore's gloomy place and the Hundred-Acre Wood. My house is gone, though. It was the very best tree in the whole forest.... But that end is all housing estates, now."

Christopher Robin returns. Touching in many different ways, the first being on sharing a dream with your child.

Doctor Who

Planned Obsolescence
by miggy
"You saved us, didn't you?" asked Lynda-with-a-Y as they pattered down the hall. "Those other two, they left us, but you saved us from those things."

Jack as a TV star. He needs to write a big "SOS" in rocks on the beach, ys. A lot darker and more contemplative than I'm making it sound.

Doctor Who Meets Barney
by David Zientara
In their room, the Doctor and Adric discussed the current situation. "I don't trust Barney," reflected the Doctor. "All this talk of universal love...it's got to be some kind of cover-up for something."

"Doctor, I think you're totally off base this time. Are you suggesting that nobody can sincerely hold the views that Barney apparently holds?" Adric asked.

"There's something about Barney that's rotten. I can't quite put my finger on it...back on Earth, in the late twentieth century, Barney was featured prominently on American television. He attained quite a following amongst young children."


Any Port in Storm
by Myownspecialself
"No. . . bar hostesses?" Jayne felt disappointment well up. "No hookers?"

Pre-series!Jayne. Yay!

by Kueble
Mal probably should have just left them alone, but a fellow tends to get ornery out in the black, especially when his hired gun spends most of his time playing gorram baby games with his...whatever the hell River was.

Post-Serenity, for y'all. Fun, almost Buffy-ish humor -- which is precisely what someone writing Jossverse would want. And, yes, ich liebe Jayne.

Harry Potter

Lost in Transfiguration
by there goes my gun
In the darkest, smelliest bedroom in the darkest, smelliest flat on the second floor of 3/72 Whitecastle Street, London, a young man with floppy black hair and a great ruddy scar on his forehead woke up on top of a pile of crap on his bed.

READ THIS. If you read nothing else in the Harry Potter fandom, READ THIS. It's one part Hitchhiker's, one part Big Brother, and, of course, one part Potter. Fantastic characterizations. Awe-inspiring dry humor. And, um, bums and drunks.

Red Herring
by Laura Smith (romanticalgirl)
Your standard Ron-loves-Hermione-but-is-a-git fic. And then turns it on its head as Fred decides to go on a date with Hermione to make Ron jealous. Sounds ridiculous and teeny and horrible, right? It isn't. An epic that just destroys any preconceived notion you ever had about 'love,' the only thing that I did not like about this was the ending (I didn't think certain characters had grown enough as a person to warrant their ending), but even that is something I can live with, because it's part of the fic.

Mother's Blood
by stellamaru
Lily and Petunia Evans play Narnia, but only one can return after maturity. Petunia!fic with utter class.

Just Like My Daddy
by lizbee
James Potter moonlighting as a Logan-Huntzberger-Echolls.

Harry Potter and the Great Snake Emporium
by LindaMarie
Harry Potter's House of Serpents was located three doors down from what was once Weasley's Wheezes. At first he didn't use his name in the title--back in those days, it was called The Snake Symposium--but he'd found it helped business. A lot.

Kinda dark where you wouldn't expect it.


Winds of Change
by _nimh
Where are they now? Five futures and one dead end.

Interesting take on the island. My favorite Lost fics are where the supernatural plays heavily, especially when it's a feature of the island itself.
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