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Stargate SG-1

Well, looks like someone raided sjficathon.

And These Valleys Unknown (nandamai). Sam/Jack, PG.
An AU from "It's Good to Be the King," in which Sam Jack are not just stranded off-world, they're stranded back in time. Jack's in true form: "You know what I want? I want to invent beer. Can we invent beer?"

Jack O'Neill, I Sort of Hate You (meyerlemon). Sam/Jack, PG. Requirements: broken regs, a Tel'tak, and deep space.
I think this rec can be best summed in this quote:
"Sam," he said. "I’ll never been any good at the talking thing. But maybe you should know, that when I do the stupid things, I think of you."

Sam couldn’t look at him.

"That’s sort of gross, sir," she finally said.

Nothing So Mundane (aj). Sam/Jack, NC-17. Requirements: angst, a closet, and alpha!Jack.
Finally, some PORN. About halfway through this, guaranteed, you'll start to wonder what the hell is going on, but trust me when I tell you that you need to just... stick with this one, mm'k? *devilish grin*

Spontaneous Action (babylil). Sam/Jack, PG.
I just had to rec this, not because Lin wrote it for me (well, that, too), but because OMG ALIAS/STARGATE CROSSOVER! ANNA! ESPINOSA! *loves*

This Is the Way (anr). Sam/Jack, PG. Requirements: post-apocalypse, pie and Jack's glasses.
Oh, boy, do I love me some apocafic. And this one has HAILEY! Which I found particularly endearing, as I was watching "Proving Ground" on mute as I found this story. The end of the world seems so... manageable here, even though, well, it's probably not.
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